Thursday, June 24, 2010

distressed bench

I have been so busy lately with so many things, one of which is still working on getting our house together. Constant transition right?? Starting next week the first step of our kitchen remodel will start and i can't wait to share when it is all said and done!

Until then, here is some before and after of an old bench i re-did. We found this in the attic when Matt's grandparents moved and it has been in our carport forever waiting for it's turn. I also found the fabric i used to re-cover the seat, in the midst of some of Matt's great grandmother's quilting scraps. I am so happy i did b/c it is beautiful and really brings out the antique style of the bench!

Left- after I took the old fabric and batting off. Right- the new fabric that belonged to Matt's great grandmother.

After being painted

The final product! The right is a close up of the distressed look i did and the fabric. I actually love how it turned out:)


Anonymous said...

It looks great Ang..but then you did have a great instructor! cant wait to see the kitchen in a ya,Tori

Matt said...

That's some bench. You are a great wife!

Kendra said...

Love it - I think if this were another life and I lived there I would have you help me decorate - I LOVE the antique look - when we were looking at furniture in the states I was drawn to all things antique(ish) :)