Thursday, August 20, 2009

as of late... WEDDINGS!:)

So for the past 2 weekends, weddings have been what is on my mind. Tons of wedding and lingerie gifts and lots of catching up with friends. I love the way weddings bring old friends together.

On Aug. 8th, some of our good friends Summer and Michael were married. They are now the Nunn's. I read scripture in the wedding and for some reason was SO nervous. But it all worked out fine. (once it was over) I was so looking forward to this wedding b/c i know it would bring lots of old college friends together. I wish i had a picture of us dancing the night away. Such a fun time!

This is sneak peek that Summer and Michael's photographer put out. Candice and Daniel were so wonderful and i can't wait to see the rest of their shots!

This past weekend, i was able to travel to FL for my friend Amber's wedding. Amber was one of my closest friends from my time overseas and so her wedding ended up being another reunion:) She married her childhood friend Elliot and it was one of the sweetest and meaningful weddings i have ever been to. And it only lasted 15 min. I got to be there for all the fun before-the-wedding stuff. My camera was in full force most of the time, but i decided not to bring it out during the ceremony, so i can't wait until her pictures come out.

This was one of the only pics of us since i was behind the camera most of the time.- don't mind that at all!

And this weekend will prove to be another busy one, but no weddings. Just wedding planning:) I am going to pick up my WONDERFUL friend (and roomie from Lebanon) Leah, in Richmond, VA. We are going to be doing a little shopping at the wonderful H&M (yay yay!!).

I have the goal to find an outfit for mine and Matt's upcoming engagements pics:)

Then, Leah and I plan to head to Wake Forest, NC where my old college roommates live. My sister (Matt and Brian too) is meeting us there so we can get some wedding stuff done. I am SO excited about this b/c i will have 4 bridesmaids together and one time. My sister is the only bridesmaid (well, she is really the maid of honor) that lives nearby, so i am looking forward to this time so much!! I will def take the camera and try post some pics of the fun after the weekend:)

p.s.- i get to marry my love 7 months from today!!:) can't wait.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

In Memory of Ed Quein

It has now been a couple of weeks ago that we got the unexpected news that Brian Quein's father passed away of a heart attack. He had been in bad health for a while but always seemed to bounce back from everything, so the news came as quite a shock. It is always so interesting to me how death brings people together. The minute we heard, Matt and I both wanted to be with Brian and Megan at the hospital to help in any way we could. Other friends felt the same. I will never forget the night that Brian's dad passed away for many sad reasons, but one of the most beautiful things I saw that night was the body of Christ coming together for a family member in need. Like I said- a night I will never forget.

Ed Quein was a man who was significant in so many lives, first and foremost his 2 sons. People from all over seemed to show up at his funeral, all who were impacted by his life and service. I have never heard of a man who served his community the way this man did. People literally read his obituary in the paper, remembered how he was apart of their life and showed up to pay him tribute, even if it was years later. There were 2 men who spoke that were from the youth group Ed served in many years ago. These were now grown men, but the never forgot the way Ed impacted them.
Brian asked me to shoot some pictures of the funeral so they would have some digital memories to hold on to, which I was happy to do.  Even if I was wiping the tears from my LCD screen on my camera.... Here are a few shots from the funeral.

The funeral was held at 1st United Methodist Church downtown- absolutely beautiful. (kinda wish there was a center aisle)

Love this one of Megan as she is mentally preparing to play the 'It is Well' on the violin. She said she was nervous but you would never know... she did amazing. 

If you look closely you can see Santa Claus in the background. Mr. Quein spent many years playing, from what I hear, the best Santa around for many little girls and boys...

Brian and Eddie both shared some of the most touching things about their dad. This would be the time that the LCD screen was covered with tears. 

I love this shot of the guys carrying the casket. 
I had to include this one of Matt and Trav who where both pallbearers. These 2 and Brian are such good buddies:)

Mr Quein also served in the military, in Vietnam if I am not mistaken, so he received military honors. The flag being presented to Brian's mom was SO special. The girl even got a little choked up when she was thanking her for all her husband had done for his country. She apologized but I think it only added to her sincerity. 
Thank you Mr. Quein for touching so many lives. You will always be remembered!