Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2nd post of July

I can't believe i have only blogged once this month! I was out of town for 11 days and we are currently remodeling our kitchen so i guess those are my excuses. So have been taking pics along the way of that project so you have that to look forward too. As well as my trip to Oklahoma, Nashville, Charleston (if you haven't already heard my sister got engaged there!). And some upcoming news:)

But for now... Here are a couple of pics from our friend's Chuck and Ashley's surprise going away party at the Kellers! Just us girls goofing off and me playing with photoshop a little.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Our Wedding in Print!

A couple of months ago, Cheyenne contacted me to let me know that our wedding has been featured on the Weddings Unveiled Blog. I was so excited to hear about this and as you probably read all about it that post. Well, what I didn't share was that our wedding was also picked for the summer issue for the Wedding Unveiled Magazine! I was so excited but had to keep it hush hush until the issue came out... not to easy for me! (i did tell a few people:/) But yesterday when i got home, Matt had the magazine opened to our page sitting on the coffee table. I was so neat to do the interview with the writer, and then see our wedding in print. I am so happy i have this and will be able to show our family for years to come!
The article is also online so click here to read it.

I am headed our to Oklahoma in just a few hours so i may be absent from the blog for a bit. I will blog if I can though. Lots of exciting things coming up!