Wednesday, July 29, 2009

God puts the man in the condition in order to understand the message

so it has been FOREVER since i have blogged. and when i started this thing i promised myself that i would not drop it when life happens, i would just blog about life. Well... easier said than done. I have realized this thing about myself lately. I have actually known it for a while, it has just been confirmed to me once again in the past three weeks. WHEN.... the life that i speak of does happen, this girl closes up like a locked diary. Not that i don't talk to people or just hide in my room, i just try to get by and get through whatever is going on.  and i don't share (thus, the reason i have not blogged). except with matt, which is one of the million reasons i am happy i get to spend the rest of my life with him. this whole closing up thing could happen in response to stress or life being overwhelming, something bad happening or CHANGE. i hate change. you would think i would have gotten use to it after moving 7 times in the past 3 years or having 5 different jobs, but i have not and i am not sure i ever will. i am just naturally drawn to words like 'stable' and 'constant'- but i realize nothing in this life is either of those 2 things. i apologize that i cannot fully explain all this change and this is not actually what i was planning to blog about anyway, if you notice the title, just a bit of explanation for my absence... 

last week i was meeting with mama hopper. we are still slowly getting through the Beth Moore study that we are doing together, Beloved Disciple. We were watching the video (and i do mean old school VHS) and Beth said something that has not left my mind for a week now.  you guessed it- the title, 'God puts the man in the condition in order to understand the message'. her example came from Rev. ch. 7 where Jesus is speaking to John about the people who come through great tribulation. He said, "They will hunger no longer, nor thirst anymore; nor will the sun beat down on them, nor any heat". I realize many of us have heard this verse and it does not seem like such a huge deal, but it had never dawned on me until Beth pointed it out, John was in those exact circumstances that Jesus told him there would be no more of. He was exiled at time, a prisoner- he was hungry, thirsty, and the sun beat down on him daily. Who better to understand that message than the one who was in that exact condition- John. Wow. 

This was one of those obvious things that when i heard it, i immediately thought, 'well i know that'. but the quote begs the question... what message is God trying to teach me now? through the change and the stress and whatever else i am dealing with. What is God trying to teach you in the condition that He has put you in? This idea can take ANY horrible situation and turn it to good- if we are not looking at the horrible thing going on and instead looking at what God is trying to teach us about Himself, or how to practice his attributes... what kind of better people would we be in the end of it all? not that whatever is going on isn't going be hard- it will, but at least we get something out of it. I was speaking to someone about this the other day regarding forgiveness. When someone is wronged, everything that is natural within that person tells them to respond in a way that is not acting forgiveness. Either seek revenge, treat the other person poorly, or just walk away. And merely saying 'i forgive you' is not enough either. God has put this man in the condition that he might actually have to act forgiveness in order that he might learn how to forgive. Whoa. Maybe this is not eye-opening to some but it made me see circumstances in a new light. It was just one of those things that stuck b/c i needed to hear it at the time. and maybe i needed to share it too:)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I just wanted to let everyone know that Matt and I are having a YARD SALE this Saturday, July 11th:) Last September, Matt bought his grandparent's house and so we have been in the process of cleaning out the house of the things they no longer want. We are FINALLY ready for this yard sale, which is something i would have never thought possible when we started given how much stuff there was to sort through.... We have found all kinds of treasures, some we are keeping but most we are selling b/c we don't have room for it all! So come out and join us this Sat. starting at 6am. There will be lots of signs once you turn into the neighborhood. The address is 7410 Linda Lake Dr. Charlotte- 28215.

Also, we have cleaned out my house and some of my dad's so there is lots of stuff from our family as well. It is going to be HUGE!

Some of the items of the top of my head: lots of furniture (desk, wardrobe, chest of drawers, coffee table and matching end table, curio cabinet and more!), lots of clothes, decor- antique and current, old record albums, some kids stuff, bed spreads and large blankets, TONS of shoes, curtains, decorative pictures for the walls, and just random treasures- you can imagine what kinds of things we found in a 50-year lived in house:) 

Hope to see you Saturday!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

time for an update- a little photography:)

So with getting engaged and all the wedding planning started, i have neglected my blog a little. We have a few things nailed down for the wedding, but right now we are mainly getting ideas and tips about everything... One thing we do have nailed down though is our photographer. If you have not figured it out yet, i am a photography lover and have been looking at all kinds of photography sites for as long as i can remember. At some point i ran across Cheyenne Schutz and was instantly hooked:) She is an amazing photographer, a strong believer and we we connected so quickly. 

After telling Cheyenne about my love for photography and how i have dabbled with my camera for a long time, she suggested i take the photography class that i have been so into lately. I just recently finshed the class and had to submit 10 shots for critique. I learned so much and will continue to learn since i will be taking another class starting soon. 

So here are my 10 submissions... tell me what you think!

The last 2 shots were voted my best by my classmates. If you are interested in being a model so i can get some practice in, let me know:)