Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What have i been doing??

I feel like every time i sit down to blog, i need to make apologies for not blogging for oh... the whole month before. So instead of making all these apologies i will just share with my readers (what is left of them) what i have been doing that has left me with no time to blog.

Working on the house-

If you know us, you know that this is pretty much all matt and i do together. We feel like we are starting to get somewhere and i am actually starting to be able to decorate some of the rooms. (the last year as been spent just getting the rooms to a place to start decorating.) Matt is now back in the full swing of grad school so that has left me doing all the things i can actually do. Things i can do- paint, hang pictures, decorate, move furniture around (sometimes). Things Matt does- build stuff & fix stuff. One of the most amazing things Matt built this summer was our beautiful new white mantle. I love it! and i have had so much fun changing it up... sometimes weekly. (Right Kelly?) I have recently been inspired by fall and the beautiful weather that has come with it, and so i thought i would add a little fall vibe to our mostly cool/summer looking living room.
What do you think??

Buying and selling on my beloved Craigslist-

That's right, i have become OBSESSED with craigslist. This all started when i set up my iGoogle and added a craigslist furtinture box. I'm pretty sure i browse craigslist daily if not more. And now you are wondering why i never have time to blog.... Let's continue. We have bought a number of furniture items for our house on criagslist and have actually made a few sales as well. Our current items up for grabs are a Chest Freezer and our dryer (we got a new one for free! woo-hoo).
Let me know if you are interested in either of these 2 beauties. And yes, that IS a peice of our old flooring as the dryer top. It has rust on it and i think it adds character!

Shooting (pictures not people)

Again, if you know me you know a do a bit of photography on the side. I have always wanted to get serious about it but ultimately didn't think i could do it. Well folks- the tides have turned and i am going for it! I have gotten to know some seriously inspiring photographers (primarily these and these). And so i have been shooting ALLL summer to prepare to launch my business this fall. I bet you are wondering where all the people and images are.... I have been keeping them under-wraps until my website is completed and we are getting close. I am still a bit nervous but very excited!

Here are a couple of images to get you excited about the launch of my new site!