Friday, May 29, 2009

kindred spirits.

When i left for Egypt in march 2006, one of the many things i was praying for those next 2 years were girlfriends. specifically 1 girlfriend per every place i lived. i would be spending some significant time in richmond, VA and then on to egypt for almost a year. then i would head to a place that i didn't know at the time but proved to be lebanon (the land that owns my heart). God answered that prayer abundantly. i had one of the best experiences in my life at training in richmond and spent most every day with 1 girlfriend  who is still one of my closest friends today. when i arrived in egypt i knew NO ONE but soon met that 1 girlfriend. her name is sarah and she is pictured with me above. we had some amazing times and experiences together and even saw each other through one of the hardest times in our life.  it was so easy and natural with us. we defined it by saying that we would be friends in america, not just b/c we are on the same team. after sarah and i were both fluent in the arabic language (ha!) we headed to our new homes and would see each other one just more time before we headed back to america. but we stayed close, i would even say got closer. once i arrived in lebanon, God went above my request a gave me many girlfriends, one amazing roommate and then another. He really is good.

Since returning to america i have realized that girlfriends- true girlfriends- are pretty hard to come by. i have always had the pleasure of having a huge social group surrounding me in charlotte, tons of girlfriends and there was always something to do. when anticipating coming back, this was one of the things i was MOST excited about and never thought to pray for. it was my expectation b/c it was the way things had always been. but when i actually settled in i realized things had changed. somehow all of those close girlfriends were spread around america and the world.  if i wanted that true heart connection i would i have to travel to arkansas, the Y, wake-forest, florida or lebanon. my closest friends in my hometown these days are my family and matt of course:) and i am so thankful for them.

Sarah lives in arkansas now and was able to visit this weekend. we had the best time. well, before i starting throwing-up that is. but even in that, i knew it would be ok. she is an amazing friend and even if we are just talking while i am laying in bed moaning from pain. Sarah is a true kindred spirit and i am so thankful for her and the rest of you spread out around the world. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the plunge.

i guess it was about 4 years ago that i started in the world of blogging... i started on a xanga site and kept that up for about half of my time overseas. it was when i became totally frustrated with the slow internet in lebanon that i decided to give up on the blog world for a while. i have not really picked it up since, although i have had this blog site for over a year and have started quite a few posts with out finishing...

the other reason for my continued failure in the blog world is the overwhelming amount of information i feel i must share in order to catch everyone up on life in the past year. SO... i have decided just to take the plunge with the first post and let things come as they do. i guess the most penitent information to share is that fact that i AM in america and have been here since june 08', matt tucker is the most wonderful boyfriend in the whole world:), and my work consists of nannying for a family in the Birkdale area whom i love. 

one of the things i am most excited about right now is a photography class i am taking at The Light Factory with the amazing photographer Jeremy Igo. i have had a digital SLR camera for a long time and thought i knew how to use it pretty well. boy, was i wrong! i am loving every minute of this class and i have been practicing every chance i get. here are a few things i have shot recently. 

this was at matt's niece's dance recital although neither of these girls are matt's niece. unfortunately, she was blocked by a speaker most of the time so i didn't get any good shots of her.

and check out this little cutie. this is one of the little boys i nanny for:)