Thursday, July 01, 2010

Our Wedding in Print!

A couple of months ago, Cheyenne contacted me to let me know that our wedding has been featured on the Weddings Unveiled Blog. I was so excited to hear about this and as you probably read all about it that post. Well, what I didn't share was that our wedding was also picked for the summer issue for the Wedding Unveiled Magazine! I was so excited but had to keep it hush hush until the issue came out... not to easy for me! (i did tell a few people:/) But yesterday when i got home, Matt had the magazine opened to our page sitting on the coffee table. I was so neat to do the interview with the writer, and then see our wedding in print. I am so happy i have this and will be able to show our family for years to come!
The article is also online so click here to read it.

I am headed our to Oklahoma in just a few hours so i may be absent from the blog for a bit. I will blog if I can though. Lots of exciting things coming up!


Kelly said...

YOU ARE SO FAMOUS! and I am just glad to stand in your (small) shadow.

Kendra said...

That's pretty amazing Ang! Wowza!!
Have fun in OK!!

Summer said...

So incredible! Congrats, friend. ;)